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Jessica Lemon has been teaching yoga for 16 years; she completed the inaugural Modo training in 2004 at 19 and has since completed over 2000 hours of further movement and mindfulness training under the tutelage of great and very human teachers.  Though their methods have varied, Jess has been most marked by the teachers who were able to convey the gifts of yoga and movement in a transparent, non-dogmatic way.  


She has trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative yoga and most recently embarked on her final Pilates certification with Body Harmonics for Cadillac, Chair, Springs and Barrels.  Her teaching is intuitive and informed by her mindfulness and meditation studies as well as the desire to create a stronger more resilient mind-body connection through functional movement that has a therapeutic dimension. 

One of Jess’ great passions is meeting people where they are and nurturing them on their own journey of healing and self-discovery.  She is a very attentive teacher who enjoys the relationship between the little things and the bigger picture, taking movement off the mat and translating it into every day life.

In addition to teaching, Jessica loves travel, which she does frequently for work and pleasure.  She considers herself a student of life and has seen the most growth and change in herself since becoming a mother to her five year old son, Gabriel and meeting her partner, David.

Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in French language and literature from the University of Toronto and though her last name is Lemon, she is actually pretty sweet.


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Her title is Yoga teacher, but from Jess' classes, I get more than just guidance on how to adjust my shoulders in downward dog pose.  I get a compassionate and highly skilled mentor offering me inspirational life lessons that are available to learn while challenging myself to hold my shoulders safely and supportively in downward dog. I arrange my schedule specifically so I can go to Lemon Yoga Lady’s class.

Lemon’s professional and intuitive approach gives me full confidence to continue to refer my Massage Therapy patients to her. 

 When I need to nourish my mind, body and spirit I get me some Lemon-aid!


Nancy J Brooks

I have been seeing Jess for just over a year now and her guidance has been an integral part in my healing journey. We have been working specifically on rehab for my back as well as resetting my nervous system after a car accident. The focus on movement, through Pilates, has helped tremendously in getting me back to the place of strength and functionality I had before the accident. Jess is incredibly intuitive and thoughtful in her teaching abilities and has been able to guide me to the place I am today! Thank you J


      Isabella Borowiec

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