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Jessica Lemon

Saku Mantere, Montreal

Jessica is one of the great teachers I have had during my lifetime.  She helped me develop a yoga practice that is based on finding joy in being in my body rather than meeting mindless goals ("run longer, and faster, lift more and heavier, and so on"). After working with Jessica a few times a month for a time, I now find myself in a place where, if I don't get to do yoga several times a week, I feel like something is missing. I never have to force myself to go to a class, but rather, after a flu or some travel, my practice pulls me back in. 

Jessica is a remarkable teacher for a variety of reasons, but I suspect that her underlying strength is that she has found herself in a philosophy of mindfulness and compassion. Such philosophy drives her curiosity and passion for bodies and movement. It allows her to see where students are headed in their lives, and help them. That lived philosophy explains why she can find just the right embodied metaphor to communicate a pose, and to inspire students through a class or through a meditation. Maybe this is also why her voice has such charisma as she delivers the "best savassanas in the business".

Allison Nichol Longtin, Dance Educator

I've been training regularly with Jess for 10+ years. I've had the pleasure of learning from her in the form of in-person yoga classes, retreats, private yoga and Pilates Mat and reformer lessons.  More recently we've been working together via virtual private pilates sessions.  I'm a dance teacher by trade and I have very high standards for movement and bodywork practitioners. I  also have chronic injuries that have accumulated in my dance career, many of which I successfully manage through my targeted work with Jess.  She's my go-to teacher; I trust her keen eye for detail as well as her deep respect and care for my body and experience. Her thirst for knowledge, which translates into new skills that she then applies to our work together, means our work together is always evolving and growing.

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